1. Soul Phage
    Longmont, Colorado
  2. TV's Kyle
    Burbank, California
  3. Nuclear Bubble Wrap
    Nashville, Tennessee
  4. Bryan Scary
    Los Angeles, California
  5. Bazooty
    Nashville, Tennessee
  6. Regdar and the Fighters
    Nashville, Tennessee
  7. Raptor Vomit
    Nashville, Tennessee
  8. Mega Ran
    Phoenix, Arizona
  9. the scary jokes
    New Jersey
  10. Haishen
    Rochester, New York
  11. Flummox
    Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  12. Icosahedron
    England, UK
  13. Marc With a C
    Orlando, Florida
  14. MindSpring Memories
    Chicago, Illinois
  15. Nonlocal Forecast
    Chicago, Illinois


Needlejuice Records Nashville, Tennessee

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Needlejuice Records is an independent record label specializing in the physical release of alternative music.

Our label is dedicated to the tangible, with a goal to create high quality vinyl records, cassette tapes, and compact discs with ambitious aesthetic value.
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